Tips on using the new Colour Sorted Galleries

it is not always the most dominant colour of your bike. The proccess is done manualy and involves us looking at over 10,000 thumbnail size images as fast as we can and picking what colour strikes us first. Please remember the descision is made on the angle we took the photo and in many cases the colour we see from the front 3/4 of the bike is often not the dominant colour of the bike

Below is a list of the catagories and what you can expect to find in them including some specific models

Black & dark colours

Black,dark metalics and solid colours such as green,blue,maroon,matt black, bikes that are difficult to catogorise.

Blue & White

Bikes with blue,white, Red &white,Black and white together or indiviualy. Silver most pale colours including some light metalics.BMW S1000 RR and tri colour bikes


Solid or metalic Greens. trio and duo colours that include green

Red Yellow Gold Beige

all the above colours or variations on the. Most Repsol bikes. some bikes where red is not the most dominant colour but it has a red front mudgaurd.

Silver grey and light metalics.

 Pale blues,greens chromes and many BMW GS models.

We appologise that mistakes have been made during this process and you may find some bikes in the wrong gallery.

we can photoshop other bikes or cars out of a shot and also zoom in and crop. This is not possible on all photos so please ask first. Anything that involves a lot of extra work could involve an extra cost.

Finally please note we only sell Jpeg images that are sent to you via email link. the main email address we use is and is always titled "your isle of man photos" sometimes the email can go into your spam mail so please check that before delelting your junk mail.

Hard or printed copys can be obtained from who are based on the mainland and a link to their site can be found on our front page under "canvas prints"